Honoring our Polk Pioneers

Since 1975, the PCHA has supported the collection of oral histories of Polk County residents. Member organizations of the PCHA Heritage Partner Committee seek potential candidates who are¬†75 years or older and have lived in Polk County for 50 years or more. These Polk Pioneers participate in an interview to document their lives and contributions to our rich history. The highlight of each year’s PCHA Annual Meeting & Luncheon is the introduction of our Polk Pioneers, and this year was no exception!

Due to the previous years’ pandemic closure, we honored Pioneers representing three years. Congratulations to our Polk Pioneers for 2020, 2021 and 2022: ¬†Walter Covington Jr., S.L. Frisbie IV, Ora H. Greene, Edgar T. Pickett Jr., Leslie G. Pickett, Harriet Rewis Rust, and Herbert L. Woodard.

Standing left to right: Incoming PCHA President, Lloyd Harris; Pioneer Herbert L. Woodard (Winter Haven); Representing Pioneer Walter Covington (Winter Haven) who could not be in attendance, Sherry Lyndell and Shirley Johnson; Miss Polk County, Eryn Lalonde. Seated: Pioneer Edgar T. Pickett Jr. (Lakeland); Pioneer Leslie G. Pickett (Bartow); Pioneer Ora H. Greene (Winter Haven); Pioneer S.L. Frisbie IV (Bartow); Pioneer Harriet Rewis Rust (Davenport).

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